There may be intrinsic personal factors, combined with familial, psychological, economic, health, educational, employment, Social workers in trauma center EDs are providing mental health services, care coordination, and material support and other referral services to patients with multifaceted needs resulting from complex mental and substance use disorder diagnoses, trauma, and comorbid diagnoses. Also, this study was done at a single, urban, academic trauma center with a dedicated psychiatric emergency service and thus may not be generalizable to settings that are not trauma centers. : Alcohol and drug use disorders among adults in emergency department settings in the United States. Annals of Emergency Medicine 58:225–234, 2011Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar, 41 Andrews CM, Darnell JS, McBride TD, et al. Forensic Mental Health Social Work: Capabilities Framework Social work is characterised by its ability to see the individual within the context of their family, their community and the wider society. This study identified the major social work services provided to patients in the ED: mental health services, care coordination, and material support and other referral services. In addition to providing mental health services to patients, social workers provided crisis counseling to family or friends of critically ill or incapacitated patients (counted in mental health services). Alexandria, Va, Council on Social Work Education, 2008Google Scholar, 33 Rasooly IR, Mullins PM, Mazer-Amirshahi M, et al. Journal Impact 2018 di Social Work in Mental Health è 0.770 (Ultimi dati nel 2019). Role of social work in mental health Social workers are trained to understand and assess that the mental illnesses experienced by individuals, families, groups and communities are not caused or determined by a single factor. In the ED, it is likely that a combination of factors, rather than a lower level of need, contributes to the lower likelihood of receiving social work services, including inadequate and subjective referral and triage procedures to social work and staff difficulty using interpretation services. You could not be signed in. Scholar, 23 Matrix of E-code Groupings. Social workers in emergency departments (EDs) are part of an interdisciplinary medical team that provides critical services to patients with multiple general medical, psychiatric, social, and economic needs who do not access services elsewhere (1–5). Patients treated for traumatic injuries also have many social work needs. Academic Emergency Medicine 16:403–410, 2009Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar, 35 Pletcher MJ, Kertesz SG, Kohn MA, et al. Demographic characteristics available in the EMR included age, sex, primary language, and race-ethnicity. : Cost-effectiveness of clinical case management for ED frequent users: results of a randomized trial. American Journal of Evaluation 27:237–246, 2006Crossref, Google Scholar, 27 Cavanagh S: Content analysis: concepts, methods and applications. Females, patients not discharged home, and patients arriving by emergency medical services (EMS) had a higher likelihood of receiving social work services compared with males, those discharged home, and those not arriving by EMS (Table 3). 82, Social Work in Health Care, Vol. At the study site, there are at least two master’s-level social workers on duty providing social work services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Care coordination in the ED will be particularly important for low-income individuals and individuals with mental disorders, who will likely continue to use the ED when primary care facilities are closed or difficult to access. We then determined predictors of social work services by estimating relative risk (RRs) and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for receiving social work services by using unadjusted Poisson regression with robust standard error variance to determine univariate associations (28). Nonwhites and non-English speakers had a lower likelihood of receiving social work services. Please check your email address / username and password and try again. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. ... Journal of Social Work ISSN: 1468-0173 Online ISSN: 1741-296X. Wallace, J., & Pease, B. : Use of emergency department services for somatic reasons by people with serious mental illness. Covariates included all variables described in Table 1. Annals of Emergency Medicine 60:172–80.e5, 2012Crossref, Medline, Google Scholar, 11 Baillargeon J, Thomas CR, Williams B, et al. In addition to weekly discussions of codes, formal intercoder agreement was periodically assessed. Ying, Y. Persons with one or more mental disorder diagnoses and persons with a substance use disorder diagnosis were overrepresented among patients seen by social workers, compared with their representation in the ED patient population. Compared with their population percentage in the county, whites and Asians were underrepresented in the ED patient population (76% versus 53% and 14% versus 9%, respectively), and African Americans (6% versus 22%), Hispanics (7% versus 8%), and American Indians (1% versus 2%) were overrepresented (29).

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