Spring detects your need to call on a logging aspect through your AOP configuration or annotations. Schwerpunkt ist dabei die Testbarkeit privater Methoden. The message type got changed and maven did not rebuild the project so the compiler did not complain at the SupportedTypes annotation. java - ArrayStoreException: sun.reflect.annotation.TypeNotPresentExceptionProxy android PowerMock JUnit Translate I am using PowerMock with Mockito for testing a static function as follow. It did not find the enum element specified since it was not available anymore. 6. @RowId Note – To get the annotation information at runtime do annotate @Colors annotation with @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) annotation.. How Java 8 handles Repeating Annotations internally Java 8 internally treats this Repeating Annotation as an instance of @Colors holding an array of @Color.The fact that we do not use @Colors when we annotate definition of Shirt class is just easing … A proxy class extends java.lang.reflect.Proxy. The default is false. Default: false; exposeProxy public abstract boolean exposeProxy . Why do I get java.lang.annotation.AnnotationFormatError: Attempt to create proxy for a non-annotation type. Purpose:The purpose of this class is to act as a dynamic proxy that allows JDK Annotation method calls to be made on a non Annotation object. when I'm trying to get the annotation list from the field? All Java developers have heard about annotations. The default is false.. Specially, when you have multiple endpoints which … Enables support for handling components marked with AspectJ's @Aspect annotation, similar to functionality found in Spring's