The cell can exist without DNA for few days until replacement parts are needed. But the basic architecture and expressive power of language stays the same. Once god confounded language, he had to make sure every new word is correct in Hebrew so as not to confuse the subconscious. "The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue" falls into a category of scholarship that seems to go by the name "new synthesis." By contrast the origin of individual languages has been the subject of very precise study over the past two centuries. Spoken languages don't leave fossils, and fossil skulls only tell us the overall shape and size of hominid brains, not what the brains could do. I always say: su-spec-t (ze safec =this in doubt) and In-spec-t (ain safec=no doubt). The Pooh-Pooh Theory. Summary. Either the evidence is due to chance, and therefore invented by me. It could have a rudimentary 'me Tarzan, you Jane' character and still be a lot better than single-word utterances. History of English (ELL114) Book title A History of the English Language; Author. Academic year. Module. Hebrew                  English                  decipher, בלב                        be-lieve                    in heart, כן                            can                          yes, פה זה טוב            po-si-tive                       here this good, אישור                     assure                        confirm, approve, אור גן אל              ori-gin-al                       god’s garden light, שורש                     source                         root, היו מאן                  hu-man                        from where are they, שפה איש              spe-ech                          man’s speech, אז                           was                        = then; in the past, אור דן                    or-dain                 = light judged. Unlike any other animal communication system, it contains an expression for negation - what is not the case. Nature appears to rely on one core recurring pattern to evolve life at every scale – the Torus. This conflicts with an opinion widespread among language origin … Hebrew letters where changed to Aramaic letters and ancient Hebrew was reintroduced as Latin. They are the authors of the ToRah, the Egyptian gods Tho and Rah, the gods of moon and sun. In the early 21st century, Mexico had the greatest number of speakers, followed by Colombia, Argentina, the United States, and Spain. The fact that we don’t have a Theory of accidental creation is because life was created by intelligent design. 2) describing the same picture from differing views. NTR in consonantal Hebrew means Guardians, NTR is also the collective name of the Egyptian creator gods. Deoxy-ribonucleic, is the long name for DNA. A conclusion that calls for re-examining our theories about the origin of language and humans. According to W. Nelson Francis in his book The Structure of American English, A language is an arbitrary system of articulated sounds made use of by a group of humans as a means carrying on the affairs of their society. The following are but few examples of the 3000 words accumulated through the author’s work. Language Evolution. Speech versus Sign. meaning word-mouth-man. 3000 new and old decoded words and formulas constitutes irrefutable linguistic proof that human language was programmed. How did these changes take place? They are more than likely secretly supplying mana and other food. Live love also uses the LV letters. One authoritative source that has collected data from all over the world, The Ethnologue, listed the total number of languages as 6809.The Bible’s explanation of the origin of multiple human languages is provided in the Tower of Babel incident recorded in Genesis 11:1-9 (see Figure 1). Earlier hominids could have had a sort of language that used a more restricted range of consonants and vowels, and the changes in the vocal tract may only have had the effect of making speech faster and more expressive. Tho, the last Hebrew letter, means ThoughT(Thoth). Blessed be his name. What is still more remarkable is that every typically-developing child learns the whole system from hearing others use it. Human language can express thoughts on an unlimited number of topics (the weather, the war, the past, the future, mathematics, gossip, fairy tales, how to fix the sink...). 2015/2016 This understanding, the idea of flying and space ships is fairly new, without it there is no way to understand what it says: The basic interpretation of this sentence missed the whole point. Jackendoff, Ray. These issues and many others are undergoing lively investigation among linguists, psychologists, and biologists. Of course, many other properties besides language differentiate humans from chimpanzees: lower extremities suitable for upright walking and running, opposable thumbs, lack of body hair, weaker muscles, smaller teeth - and larger brains. DNA is made up of mostly phosphates. Every human language has a vocabulary of tens of thousands of words, built up from several dozen speech sounds. We are able to speak because approximately 300,000 years ago language appeared as if of nowhere, our DNA programmer first reprogrammed 4 organs and then installed new creation system Hebrew letters and their meanings in our DNA, he gifted us his creation tool, the ability to combine and rearrange letters/words/pictures, the ability to be ‘as gods’, to imagine, to create worlds in our minds. Moses confirms it by saying that the people of Israel looked like grasshopper to the aliens as well, suggesting that both the aliens and the people of Israel look the same. It follows that what they were taught was how to write code in order to help god write programs for the billions of organisms on earth. But I thought it was enough to make my point...except no one noticed. When he is 10, he finds out they are formula. Some researchers even propose that language began as sign language, then (gradually or suddenly) switched to the vocal modality, leaving modern gesture as a residue. The theory of accidental creation through ‘mutation’ (inexplicable major programs rewrites) is problematic because in laboratory experements mutants reverted back to type or didn’t reproduce. These tribes, the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes, crossed the North Sea from what today is Denmark and northern Germany. Shabat means Sat-Tho in Hebrew. Finally, it was encased in a semipermeable ‘smart’ skin/outer membrane with 100,000 antennas on it to sense the outside world and respond. A high-level computer programming language is closer to human language and more removed from the machine code. For instance, how similar are apes' systems of thought to ours? Cell means Sal or Basket. Each word then is a sentence. The origin of language and its evolutionary emergence in the human species have been subjects of speculation for several centuries. (Such speculations were so rampant 150 years ago that in 1866 the French Academy banned papers on the origins of language!) Madrih means guide in Hebrew. I am aware there are only two alternative decisions about the value of the evidence in this manuscript: chance or design. These people also tend to claim that there are few aspects of language that are not already present in animals. Who then are those gods? Language, as described above, is species-specific to human beings. I pray this discovery will aid civilization in our spiritual endeavor for peace on earth. Using the technique described above, DN-A means judgement-God. To demonstrate this he used MEG that looked at brain waves. Evolution had less effect on linguistics than on other social sciences, yet history shows that secondary effects were felt. Again, it's very hard to tell. Did they become smarter because of the intellectual advantages that language affords (such as the ability to maintain an oral history over generations)? In all candour, when I began searching for a real god I did not suspect that I would end up with an etymology lesson, at the end of which a 6,000 year old secret about our true ancestors would be uncovered. Language was way ahead of writing, and so there are no documents detailing the history of language for scholars to study. This has led some researchers to propose that the system of 'protolanguage' is still present in modern human brains, hidden under the modern system except when the latter is impaired or not yet developed. If we talk about written language it leaves some traces but spoken language has no traces. No true link has ever been found with animal communication. One tantalizing source of evidence has emerged recently. Origins of language The origins of human language will perhaps remain for ever obscure. From the definition above, we can conclude that: We do know that something important happened in the human line between 100,000 and 50,000 years ago: This is when we start to find cultural artifacts such as art and ritual objects, evidence of what we would call civilization. Did they develop language all of a sudden? Paris Cross. Mr. Lanyadoo’s linguist ‘skeletal evidence’ is Over 3000 decoded English words using Hebrew letter meanings, ‘the writing of god’ which cannot possibly be accidental, 3000 words is the vocabulary of people who speak English as their second language (me), college graduates possess about 10,000-word vocabulary. Admittedly, the dilemma this theory presents is a difficult one. 2003. 1998. As far back as we have written records of human language - 5000 years or so - things look basically the same. Other researchers acknowledge the importance of these factors but argue that hominid brains required additional changes that adapted them specifically for language. Intuitively, one might speculate that hominids (human ancestors) started by grunting or hooting or crying out, and 'gradually' this 'somehow' developed into the sort of language we have today. This is the first and only bona-fide Origin-of-Language theory offered by anyone anywhere anytime. Ossi-cle means Voice-maker in Hebrew. Consider a few examples. origin_of_language.jpg Darwin started thinking about the origin of language in the late 1830s. French is descended from Vulgar Latin, the vernacular Latin (as distinguished from literary Latin) of the Roman Empire (see Latin language). The subject formed part of his wide-ranging speculations about the transmutation of species. Each word of the 120 unique words in text below is deciphered (da sipoor = know story), "I believe I can positively assure you that the original source of human speech was ordained. And what an amazing development this was! Phosphates – po sap hot – Here-language-letters. What evolves is the programming stored within DNA. Native English speakers now would have great difficulty understanding Old English. I am aware there are only two alternative decisions about the value of the evidence in this manuscript: chance or design. Approaches to the Evolution of Language. ADONAI, which means God or my lord in Hebrew, contains the letters DNA because he embedded it into his creation. Speakers can build an unlimited number of phrases and sentences out of words plus a smallish collection of prefixes and suffixes, and the meanings of sentences are built from the meanings of the individual words. He was then named the Word and was in charge of every new word uttered. diversification from common roots had occurred, thus there was an evolution that must have had a point of origin.” It is represented by the letter Yod (yhwh) in MYM. Origin of language 1. Did our cousins the Neanderthals speak a protolanguage? Cro-Megan An meaning Called From-Garden-God . Hebrew                  English               decipher, ער                           aware                 aware, אלתר נטיב           alter-native              changed path, דע צד                    de-cide                  know which side, בו עליו                   va-lue                    in it its worth, עובדה נשא           evide-nce                 carries facts, מין זכר פה אות  manu-scri-pt                kind of memory of speech in letters, זה נס                     cha-nce                 this is a miracle, דע ציון                   de-sign                   know who marked it, עין בנה את           invent                       see it build, זה פייס                 sufficient                  this appeases, אפל                        imply                      murky, כאן כלו דעה         conclude                     here jailed an opinion, קול                          calls                      voice, איזה מין                    examine               what kind, לן הגיג                   language                dormant within thought. On top of that, despite great advances in neuroscience, we currently know very little about how genes determine the growth and structure of brains or how the structure of the brain determines the ability to use language. The history of the English language has traditionally been divided into three main periods: Old English (450-1100 AD), Middle English (1100-circa 1500 AD) and Modern English (since 1500). What are the chances that 3000 words just like the ones above are accidental. That’s when we became human, that’s when we became A-DAM meaning God-Blood. So the question of the origin of language rests on the differences between human and chimpanzee brains, when these differences came into being, and under what evolutionary pressures. Hurford, James; Michael Studdert-Kennedy; and Chris Knight (eds.). That is how language started according to religious sources. Or, the evidence is sufficient to imply design. : Advancing the Scientific Study of Language since 1924. Translated using Hebrew letter meaning, these are S(shin=word), P(peh=mouth), ech(Ish=man). All formulas, ‘permanent words’ needed to be written ’in the writing of god’ and it needed to be a secret. When god created language – a creation tool that uses letter combinations like our computers but literally light years better – he created letters first and then combined them into words. Some possible stages in the evolution of the language capacity. The Torah says that the Nefilim (meaning ‘those who fell from the sky’ in Hebrew from the Hebrew and English word na-Fall), the Aliens, were hovering in a space-ship looking down at the Israelites, this was done once. When the people of Israel looked up at the aliens, our forefathers, who actually look like us but appeared to look like grasshoppers because of the distance. This claim is based on a series of lessons I received in the form of Kabbalistic visions revealing to me that Hebrew was inserted into our DNA and later confounded. Mc2 or CMC is how the sun (cmc -shemesh) makes energy, it needed to be hidden until God gave it to Einstein. When you read my website it is clear the ‘experts’ know very little, not because they are stupid but because god ‘blocked’ their mind(wirelessly).