Email Bio. Featuring a Bertoia side chair. 4 vintage Bertoia chairs design chairs retro vintage Made in Holland 50s /60s style Braakman / Bertoia wire chair OurRetroShop. The Bertoia Chair and Diamond Chair are the most popular ones of these designs. Inspired by Harry Bertoia’s 1950’s wire series, at Pash Classics our reproduction designs are faithful to the original Bertoia Dining Chairs and celebrate the ever-popular designs. An even more extensive history of Bertoia chairs is being compiled by Bill Shea right now. The chair is an original Bertoia chair customized by Brazille. The Bertoia Diamond chair in La Proie pour l’ombre (1961) c/o The Cine Tourist. £130.00. It’s quite instructive to simply Google “Bertoia furniture knock-offs” and compare with pics of the real Knoll chairs. ... Payment is due within seven days from the invoice date. These are mid century modern industrial wire side chair designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll. Jeanne Huber. Most obvious was the significant increase in wire diameter used throughout which changed the character of the chairs from transparency to form. The main points to note are the tapered top wires with supporting rod behind (not on top) AND the "Knoll" inscription on the horizontal support wire near the bottom. View the full Bertoia Wire Seating Collection. Another key point when comparing the real thing vs. a copy is that each individual vertical wire strut sits on top of the wire frame. It has accurate grid, ready to use and perfect for close-up. Here is a link to an excellent video on how to discern the orginal chairs from the fakes. Among furniture aficionados he is known for the wire-lattice “Diamond” chair (and its variants such as the tall-backed “Bird” chair) designed for Knoll Inc. and first released in 1952. original, rarely found today. Quickship: Chrome - 3 weeks Other chairs hold a quiet mystery that needs to be coaxed into a story, one whisper at a time. For assistance on authentication of rare or unusual Bertoia chairs, contact the foundation and we will direct you to our expert Bill Shea. All chairs made before 1986 are characterized by lightness and transparency. The Bertoia chairs have a similar same wire grid concept but came out in 1952. The chair is available unupholstered, or with the option of additional upholstery, whether a seat-pad or fully upholstered, allowing it to be versatile in different settings and contexts. Make Offer - Harry Bertoia for Knoll Mid Century Modern Pair White Wire Side Dining Chairs Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Knoll Bertoia Diamond Chair (1087)JR $450.00 Bertoia found sublime grace in an industrial material, creating a design that works with every decor, in every room. First of all, by purchasing from the authorized manufacturer you are honoring the designer and getting a piece of his energy. While he only designed one series of furniture, Bertoia continued to be involved in the Knoll story by providing … *IMPORTANT NOTICE: PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU'VE GOT THE LATEST VERSION OF ARCHIVING SOFTWARE. Bill Shea, formerly Senior Industrial Designer for Knoll Product Development, recently retired from his own design, development and engineering consultancy, Shea+Latone, Inc.  Celia Bertoia is the Director of the HarryBertoia Foundation and author of The Life and Work of Harry Bertoia. Others are a response to external forces. Other changes include altering the seat-back angle, the addition of a “waterfall” at the front edge and the use of the “paperclip-type” base connectors. May 29, 2013. On the west coast, Bertoia helped the Eameses develop a process for mass-producing wood-laminate furniture — and, as … There is a Knoll stamp on the back of the frame and Knoll is printed on the fabric under the seat pad, which is visible by looking under the chair. How to spot an Original Knoll Bertoia Chair? The top corners are perhaps the most critical clue. These include: Despite the evolutionary and more revolutionary changes (newer Italian production) that have taken place over the years, it’s surprisingly easy to spot the originals. Clément Brazille revamps bertoia's side chair with woven upholstery. Website by Classic Ink Creative. A 1/2” diameter dowel should nest neatly on the inside of any base bend (knock-offs have a much more generous bend radius.). PHOTO 5: From left: 1953 double edge wire, 1953 double edge two tone thick plastic with original seat pad, early black thin wire, another early black thin wire with wide Contact Us to Purchase. Explore all seating created by Harry Bertoia. On the Knoll chairs, the top basket wire is a fair curve that mimics the curvature of the top of rim wire. PHOTO 4: An early double rim wire Get great deals on Bertoia Chairs. I'd be interested to hear if there is a way to restore the finish as mine could use some help. But the chair could be a knockoff too - I *cough* found it on the side of the road. At various times, Bertoia chairs were manufactured in Argentina, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. The Bertoia Wire Chairs are now classic mid 20th century furniture icons. The Bertoia Side Chair stands at 74cm tall and 52.5cm wide. The Diamond Chair was first displayed in 1952 and actually in production by 1953. Total commitment to the manufacturing process is necessary in order to bend tubes or to make upholstery that keep its shape for decades. Knoll Bertoia Side Chair Striking sculptural "studies in space, form, and metal," Bertoia's side chairs are characterized by an airy geometric presence that enhances their surrounding space. It must be noted that all pre-1986 chair bases consist of two pieces (upper and lower) and are resistance welded in an overlap condition. First is the upper back. Below is the Eames wire chair first produced by Herman Miller in 1950. By Jeanne Huber. High quality 3d model of Bertoia side chair by Knoll. One Knoll chair is always more desirable than many China-made or European copies. The authentics are faithful to the designer’s original vision, while knock offs are not. Bertoia found sublime grace in an industrial material, creating a chair that works with any decor, in any room. Bertoia Dining Chairs are a fine choice for contemporary dining rooms and kitchens. Live. A fairly comprehensive chair history can be found in Celia Bertoia’s book, The Life and Work of Harry Bertoia, 2015, Schiffer. Nice early pair of Harry Bertoia for Knoll diamond chairs. Check out our full range of 3d models for more mid-century icons, contemporary classics and designer masterpieces. KNOLL or HarryBertoia Foundation? To state the obvious, nearly all products that have been in production for over 63 years undergo evolutionary changes over time. And finally, an authentic designer purchase will hold its value much better than a knock-off. Clues can indicate the date that a chair … Another detail on the Knoll chairs is that the grid wires are cut at an angle (some knock-offs have a straight blunt cut of the grid wires). Chairs, based on steel grid wire forms, were designed by Harry Bertoia between 1950 and 1951 and further developed for production by Harry and the development team consisting of Richard Schultz, Don Pettit and Bob Savage in 1951 – 1952. Finally, the base. Here is a link to an excellent video on how to discern the orginal chairs from the fakes. At Swivel UK, we produce high-quality reproductions of Bertoia’s famous wire Side Chair, using polished stainless steel for the mesh frame and a single seat-pad, which comes as standard. Each pad is made with a 1/2" thick extra-firm foam pad with a premium-quality textile of your choosing on the top upholstered surface and a tough black canvas on the bottom surface.