These things, for $65, shocked me at how good they are. Quite circular sense of sound-staging – with no obviously lateral L/R leaning. I would like to thank Fiio very much for contacting me and providing me with the F5 for review. It is for all intents and purposes a Dunu Titan 5 clone, with slightly cheaper build materials, but includes a couple of cables (including a balanced option). How time flies. I've alluded to the relationship between Dunu and FiiO before – we've seen it in the similarities of the FiiO EX1 to the Dunu Titan 1, and also in FiiO's use of very similar cables and also the brilliant Dunu on-cable ties. อุปกรณ์ในกล่อง Fiio F5 • 1 x หูฟัง Fiio F5 • 6 x จุกยางซิลิโคนขนาด S, M, L • 1 x สาย 3.5 mm หรือ AUX • 1 x สาย 2.5 mm • 1 x กล่องใส่หูฟัง If you’ve ever wondered what a racecar would look like as a pair of in-ears, the FH5 in-ears … Techmoan Recommended for you. I have had the F5 for a few weeks now, and your impressions mirror mine for sure. FiiO has built the F5 driver with a titanium diaphragm which they claim will provide a better transient response than regular dynamic diaphragm as well as superior dynamics and a more balanced sound. So why did I choose to compare the F5 to the T5 – and not the cheaper T1? Fiio is a Headfonia partner but Fiio insists that we keep our objectivity as we do for all other brands. Review: Fiio F5 – Going Balanced. FiiO is a relatively new audio company, founded circa 2007, that has recently produced a variety of highly acclaimed earbuds. I do use exclusively red-book 16/44.1 if space is not an issue. Presentation of stage is just outside the periphery of my head space with binaural tracks – so a pretty good projection of both width and depth. Isolation goes to the TFZ Series 5. Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current set-up. Swap ear pieces on cable and use cable up. Lower treble extension is good and there is reasonable presence up to about 7 kHz and then a little drop after that. The HDACC By Essence: Part 2 – HDMI Audio. According to Fiio, the F5 has a highly resolving nature, mid and treble frequency response with deeper and fuller bass (compared to EX1). FiiO F5 (~USD 70) vs Fidue A73 (~USD 120-130). The box steers away from their recent dalliance with white fused packaging and instead goes back to black which I think just ups the allure on the retail shelf a little. The slightly superior build materials used with the FiiO F5 trump the moulded plastic design of the TFZ5, but the overall fit and comfort are at a similar level (both have a very comfortable and ergonomic build). The difference in sound between the balanced and the … Build quality is extremely good and because of their size, fit and comfort are very good. This brings us to today’s subject as we review the FiiO M5, an ultra-portable Hi-Resolution Audio Player. The 4 vents seem to allow a little more ambient sound in – although they do passively isolate the release of sound out fairly well. I have reviewed a few titanium drivers before, one at this price point, the Nebula One springs to mind. Founder & Owner of This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The tips come in similar cardboard carriers as the SIMGOT EN700 BAss which means eventually they will fall away which is a shame but they look nice out of the box. To me, good product packaging should either be extravagant or with understated class. Above 7 kHz there is quite a bit of roll-off which gives a very smooth and non-aggressive upper signature. However, it does come across as mildly u-shaped with a welcome contrast between bass and treble that provides a bit of excitement and energy and a lower mid-section that falls slightly behind the vocal positioning. A lot of detail, but the dialled back upper treble also lends to a slightly smooth upper overall presentation. Sibilance is to a minimum though some might wish for a bit more bite, however, I never found them veiled, to be honest. FiiO FH1 vs Shure SE215 Comparison Review In the Box FiiO FH5 vs FiiO F9 Pro. MFi Certified Hi-Res Audio Certification. Overall clarity and balance of the signature. There is also two cardboard plates which house the included tips. Amir posted a review that showed how bad the SINAD of the K5 Pro was which was very bad, I am now wondering if I should have bought a Topping D10 and a JDS atom. Given its impedance (19 Ohms) and its efficiency (112dB w/M) the FiiO … Compared to the EX1 2nd Gen, the F5 seems to have a more … The A5's bass boost was also pretty good if I wanted to add an extra bit of fun – but these are colourations that the F5 doesn't really need. There is audible sub bass rumble but it is in balance with the rest of the signature and does not overpower. This is a much more balanced listen than the Nebula One. In the time I have spent with the FiiO F5, I have noticed no change to the overall sonic presentation (break-in). While my 551 sound fantastic it also very large and it's just not the best option for me anymore. I tend to be sceptical about audiophile ‘claims’, don’t generally believe in burn-in, have never heard a difference with different cables, and would rather test myself blind on perceived differences. ... To connect the F5 to an iPhone, FiiO provides a dedicated cable which, in my testing, only worked with the Q5 and not other devices, such as the Chord Mojo, which require Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. It does measure well past 10kHz – but there is no emphasis – nor is any needed IMO. A very efficient idea that will appeal to a lot of users out there. Hopefully this gives enough insight to anyone interested in this IEM. อุปกรณ์ในกล่อง Fiio F5 • 1 x หูฟัง Fiio F5 • 6 x จุกยางซิลิโคนขนาด S, M, L • 1 x สาย 3.5 mm หรือ AUX • 1 x สาย 2.5 mm • 1 x กล่องใส่หูฟัง As such you get a reasonable low-end extension and some sub-bass presence but you also get a touch of mid-bass warmth mixed in there before the linear drop. There is also a L or R indicator on each shell on the internal side. Inside the retail outer is a black box and lid – simply adorned with the FiiO logo. Vocals are not in any way overly distant though, and Male vocals have a good amount of body. It provides enough slam for tracks like Feist's “The Bad in Each other” or Amy Winehouse's “You Know I'm No Good” while still allowing the vocals to soar. Cymbal decay sounds natural with only the slightest amount of truncation. JavaScript is disabled. As a result detail is extremely good without being fatiguing in any way. I have one ear canal slightly different to the other one (my right is very slightly smaller) - so I tend to find that usually single silicon flanges don't seal overly well. The Fiio F5 is not going sound as good as the 551 - just like most to the earphones that cost under 100 CAD. Time spent now with the F5 would be approximately 25-30 hours. I have a TON of IEM's ranging from Westone UM3X, all the way down to the FiiO F1 I picked up for $1.99 the other day. So I used this for a number of month and I felt i could make an accurate review for this earbud. So if you get the impression from this that you might like the sound , go out an audition them for yourself. This allows the F5 to be more capable in transient response and to be more dynamic, … These are the tracks that I listened to last night who wants to Ed Sheran at Glasto? An amazing review of FiiO's new budget priced IEMs. If you are looking for earphone because you can't carry a full headphone with you for any reason and your budget is limit, I will said go get the F5. The A5 was great for bass boost (fun) rather than amplification. The nozzle is formed from the same hard plastic mold on the base of the F5 driver housing so it is unlikely to detach and fall away. It is a very mid-forward sounding IEM, but lovers of female vocals in particular will love the F5. The alloy is on the outer shell and the plastics are used for the base with 3 fairly large driver vents right at the base of the nozzle. Rather than stick straight out it creates a lower profile that sits flush in my ear and extending in parallel to the back of the outer ear with little or no pressure on the pinna, (cartilage at the base of the entry of the ear canal). My akg 551 has been my headphone option for commuting for about 3 years. FiiO F5 - FiiO's latest IEM brings a great package, a happy sound, and both single ended and balanced cables at a fair price point. Introduction – Fiio has returned with another reasonably priced in-ear earphone that seeks to once again challenge our perception of value. Nice comfort, Removable cable, Warm but balanced sound, Soundstage, Great accessories, Bass a bit sloppy, Highs may be too smoothed off for some, Mediocre isolation, Good snappy bass, balanced cables included in package,price, break your hand putting tips on this thing, Sound quality, comfort, good amount of accessories, Warmer sound may not be for everyone, some ear tips are hard to put on,, F.Couperin Harpsichord Works Vol.1, Scott Ross, Five Finger Death Punch – My Nemesis from Got Your Six. Most of my portable listening is done with IEMs, and lately it has mainly been with the Jays q-Jays, Alclair Curve2 and Adel U6 (although I am spending more and more time with a pair of FiiL Diva lately). Picture are default 1200 x 800 resolution - click to view larger images. If the single ended gives you fairly balanced and clean presentation that errs to the slightly musical and easy going side of things the balanced brings a lot more aggression, energy and snap. FiiO as always get the most out of budget product packaging and to be frank the F5 is one of their best offerings to date in that respect. I can't honestly think of too much else – sonically these are gems. SHARE . ), Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin - Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks, Royal Blood – Lights Out from How did We Get So Dark, Bartók Concerto for Orchestra IV: Intermezzo interrotto. The in-line controls include 3 simple buttons to play pause and switch music. The retail price at time of review is ~ USD 80. Mid-bass – very slightly elevated, but taking a gentle slope downward to the eventual lower mid-range. It’s ironic that while we criticised the first X5 for being too big, this new one – despite ac… This probably makes this IEM one of the cheapest around that sports a properly balanced cable option. The smooth lipless nozzle on the Fidue means you may be slightly limited on tip options. Much better snap and impact on the low-end with superior sub-bass body producing a better sense of depth than the single-end cable was capable of producing. FiiO F5 Earbuds Review Written By Pete Anthony Last Updated On: 8-19-19 FiiO is a relatively new audio company, founded circa 2007, that has recently produced a variety of highly … The storage case is very similar to the Dunu Pelican type cases, has internal measurements of ~ 98mm x 58mm and approx 34mm deep. There was no difference perceptible to me once I'd volume matched and the graphs bore this out. Price: USD 260 vs USD 140: IEM Type: Quad Driver Hybrid vs Triple Driver Hybrid: Cable Quality: F9 Pro includes a balanced and single ended (mobile on cable controls). The design of the Fiio FH5 is gorgeous, with a light blue metal housing that’s still lightweight. Detachable Cable Design . Female vocals have a a very good sense of euphony, and there is good cohesion and transition from lower to upper mid-range. The result is a quite cohesive transition form lower to upper mids, and a lot of euphony for female vocals. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Detail is a little lacking but nothing I would find overly surprising at this price point so safe to say do not push it in unbalanced mode with complex mid-centric guitar arrangements with lower register male vocals as it tends to sound a little “samey”. When I purchase the F5 I already knew that I am sacrificing sound quality for mobility. The M5 boasts a lot of functionality in its tiny form factor, including bi-directional Bluetooth, a … FiiO FH5 Review The FiiO FH5 is their new hybrid quad driver top of the line In-Ear Monitor. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for FiiO F5 Balanced in-Ear Headphones with Aerospace Titanium Diaphragm and iOS Android Compatible Mic and Remote at The F5 has been certified by the Japan Audio Society to be "Hi-Res Audio" capable. Inside you get a very neatly arranged single water proof hard case that contains both the tips and the driver units and to the base, you have a small cardboard box containing the two detachable cables. Sitting in my ear, the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 feel very similar. The final pitch is the materials for the driver. Admittedly they are designs in collaboration with companies such as DUNU among others and not 100% in-house creations but they did ‘break the ice” so to speak in putting FiiO’s name out there as an ‘IEM’ company. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. With the applause section of “Dante's Prayer”, the FiiO F5 shows a wonderful sense of immersion (the sound of the audience flowing around me), although this time there is very slightly more width than depth. Lower mid-range – relatively linear overall but slightly recessed compared to sub and mid-bass. A review of the affordable and excellent sounding FiiO F5 In-Ear Monitors. Channel matching is excellent – some of the best I've seen. As such there are three different section to the build to achieve that angular fit. The following is what I hear from the FiiO F5. “Let it Rain” is usually my next track to listen to and it was a stand-out. The F5 comes with two included cables – a standard 3.5mm stereo which has in-line mic, volume and playback controls, and also 2.5mm balanced cable option. Sound . Complete transformation with a well powered balanced output such as the Dx200 or the L3Pro. earphone, June 14, 2017 / 2675 0 . It has more of a sustained elevation from 50Hz to 100-150Hz then it takes a long slow linear drop to the lower mids and mids around 1k. With the default cable the F5 measures in at 21g which is reasonably light and is made from a mix of hard plastics and anodized and galvanized aluminum alloys. 27 April 2017. A review of the affordable and excellent sounding FiiO F5 In-Ear Monitors. Here is my impression of Fiio F5 IEMs, which I've now been listening to for a few weeks. FiiO F5 (~USD 70) vs Dunu Titan 5 (~USD 130-140). I have had the F5 for a few weeks now, and your impressions mirror mine for sure. Fit and comfort is exemplary. With more and more balanced headphones entering the market including Fiio's own newly released F5 headphones users will be happy to have this added feature. The FiiO F5 has pretty good materials in its own build, and it has the benefit of replaceable cables, and the choice of two. The sound I hear is through my 57 year old ears, so my ears are well 'burned in' and probably not perfect. A matte-black cardboard box invites you to open up and give the goods a look. The FiiO F5 IEM that I’m reviewing today was provided to me gratis as a review sample. These comparisons were all done with the X7, (no EQ) – and volume matched using a calibrated SPL meter and fixed 1kHz test tone first. I used the X7 and AM3 simply because paired they not only gave me a very transparent window to the music with low impedance, and more than enough power – but also allowed me to use the balanced option. Priced at 350 USD, this modular USB DAC/AMP has iFi xDSD, Earmen TR-AMP, and xDuoo XD-10 Poke as the main competitors. The plain black is a little suppler with a softer stem than the colored versions. FiiO FH1 vs FiiO F5 Review FIT. Doh! We also like the ability to use this as a transport in a rig setup and that we can use the X5 as an external DAC/Amp. Inside the box, we got the FiiO M3K itself, a micro USB cable for data transfer and charging, and the usual paperwork. I take it you would need a DAP with a 2.5mm female? The sound signature of the balanced armature drivers is easily identifiable, the restitution is clear and energetic, and the soundstage is … Disclaimer: The Fiio F5 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our review. The in-line controls include 3 simple buttons to play pause and switch music. Review. I could trash it, hype it, ignore it, whatever. This a presentation that really works really well with EDM, R’n’B and pop more than complex arrangements and mid-centric hard rock. It is priced at $269.99. The only thing I will say about the sound of F5 is it's not bad - They are not a full size stereo system, they are not full size headphone and they don't cost like a full size stereo system. I played for years, and the F5 manages to render it really well. That is the correct freq response on my rig. Upper mid-range – elevated compared to lower mid-range, and there is a very rise from 1 kHz to the first peak at ~2.5 kHz. There was very slight sibilance with Amanda's vocals – and it should be there because its in the recording – but it wasn't overly emphasised. MMCX also means a true aftermarket cable capability which is a nice pitch to ‘modders’ out there and those with different or preferred cables with MMCX terminations who like to tinker even further and push the limit on their existing IEMs. There is also a tiny switch to toggle between android and iOS plus a high definition microphone. Sound BlasterX G6 is much smaller, it … These things, for $65, shocked me at how good they are. There is clearly evident rumble, but it is nicely balanced and bass guitars are nicely represented without overpowering the rest of the track. Clarity overall is actually really good. I wanted to compare against some reasonably well known IEMs in a similar price and signature bracket – so I chose the Meze 12 Classics, TFZ Series 5, Oriveti Basic, Fidue A73 and Dunu Titan 5. Higher pitched female vocals have more presence and forward positioning than deeper register male vocals with that boosted 1-3k range. This unit hangs just about equal with my jaw if worn cable down (so ideal height for the mic). You will find another vent on the external side of the upper metal alloy casing. © 2001-2020 Guitar bite or edge is fantastic with the F5 – and especially acoustic guitar. The F5 has what I would call a gentle but very natural sounding mid-bass hump. Whereas the EX1 2nd Gen offered fantastic sound quality and overall package value for $60, the F5 takes things a leap forward for only an additional $5. That is correct, or a dac and amp such as the Q1 mark 2. Isolation goes to the Fidue A73. In practically every part of the frequency range, it is the same earphone. (I've added links so you can play along as well though the quality at youtube is a bit variable! Lower mid-range is reasonably linear, maybe a small recession. Both outstanding value and sound quality! A hi-res player that sounds good whether you’re streaming or playing locally. (or a base-line for interpreting my thoughts and bias), Click here for a summary of my known preferences and bias. Instrumental timbre is reasonably accurate with a slight hint of warmth from the low-end creeping into the lower order harmonics but otherwise a fairly natural sounding quality with very little in the way of sharp overtones. The angle of the nozzle and tip means that the main body tends to hug the inside of my ear.,,, Fiio took us by surprise with the performance of the EX1 2nd Gen, but the F5 takes things up a notch in terms of sound quality and functionality. Ken Ball (ALO/Campfire) graciously provided me with measurement data which I have used to recalibrate my Veritas so that it mimics an IEC 711 measurement standard (Ken uses two separate BK ear simulators, we measured the same set of IEMs, and I built my calibration curve from shared data). Mmm. I got an onkyo dsp1 not long ago and really wanted to try out the balance option. There is a 5-7k bump but it’s nothing too stretched or peaky, adding more of a top end sparkle and preventing it from sounding shelved down. Because of it's size, its more suited to jacket pocket than pants pocket use. It is not a bass heavy IEM by any means. FiiO has really pulled out a surprise package with the $70 F5 IEM. Instead, Fiio is pretty much dominating the sub-$70 IEM market in terms of sheer value. The 2.5mm cable is easily distinguishable from the standard with its 2.5mm jack and a TPE jacket color that comes off as khaki green or olive compared to the black of the unbalanced cable. “The FiiO F5 boasts support for Hi-Res audio and comes with detachable cables with MCMX connectors” It’s a good time to be an audiophile. If sound isolation in a priority, then go for the FH5. Description. FiiO has been dabbling a little bit over the last year with single dynamic driver IEMs with the launch of the EX1, more recently the even cheaper F1 and F3 offerings. This item FiiO F5 In-Ear Headphones IEM/Headset with 2.5 mm Symmetrical and 3.5 Standard Cable. If sound isolation in a priority, then go for the FH5. For Good sense of rhythm Solid punch Huge storage FH5’s cable is single ended only, but vastly superior build quality. FiiO F5 Balanced in-Ear Headphones with Aerospace Titanium Diaphragm and iOS Android Compatible Mic and Remote by FiiO. On the housing is either L or R markings, but the black on black is quite difficult to see. FiiO is pretty big now and a bad review makes no difference or damage so.... A little bit about me: I consider myself to be a relatively inexperienced audiophile, having only taken this hobby seriously for the past 2 or 3 years. One thing which worked quite well to lock them in place was the stabilisers Dunu used for their Titan 3 and Titan 5 – and these are a good solution for locking them into your ear if you have some fit consistency issues. If I am pairing with source music to get the best out of the F5 mids I would opt for tracks with a sparser mids arrangements and less low mid-presence to sound more convincing on the F5. I have now had the FiiO F5 IEM for around 4 weeks. That is one selling point that I think many will find quite useful. Review: Fiio F5 – Going Balanced. Because of their similarities in shape and size, they both touch the ear in a similar way, although it’s pretty comfortable. This gives a nice emphasis to lower treble detailing, and was especially noticeable on Pink Floyd's “Money” and 10CC's “Art for Arts Sake”. Put it next to the original X5, which came through our testing rooms in 2014, and the X5iii looks like a different product altogether.The first and second generations had a clickwheel design reminiscent of the iPod Classic. I am not a ‘golden eared listener’. With my iPhone SE around 35-45% volume is more than enough with most tracks, and the FiiOs are generally at around 40-45/120. The depth of the F5 is approx 16mm from the interior face to the outer arm (holding the cable socket). Up to 50Hz, the sub-bass falls away a bit though it is not completely lacking, just more on the polite side than the powerful rumbling side. One of the best feature is that they come with a detachable wire. Allegretto; Ormandy, Sound quality, overall build quality, value, balance, accessories, MMCX connections (poor quality), strain reliefs. The player comes, with a pre-applied rubber case, which has a really nice, smooth touch. One of the best feature is that they come with a detachable wire. Thank you for reading, stay safe, and remember to always have fun while listening to music! All rights reserved. A full list of the gear I have owned (past and present is listed in my Head-Fi profile). For the purposes of this review - I used the FiiO F5 straight from the headphone-out socket of many of my portables, but predominantly the X7 (with AM3 amp), X5iii and also my iPhone. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cable length: 120cm 6. Fiio F5 review: Hi-Res on a budget “The FiiO F5 boasts support for Hi-Res audio and comes with detachable cables with MCMX connectors” It’s a good time to be an audiophile. (We keep … Good cohesion with lower and upper register vocals. That is about as good as it gets for an ideal curve at this price point for my money. Here are my very subjective personal thoughts: FiiO F5 (~USD 70) vs Meze 99 Classic (~USD 79). Despite the fairly long stems of the F5 MMCX connectors, they do not actually push into the helix or antihelix ridges in a way that would create any sense of discomfort. This vision got expanded considerably with the recent launch of their new X7 Mark II, X3 3rd Gen and the Q1 Mark II DAP and portable DAC/Amp combos. The F5 design is unusual but eye catching. The F5 is quite possibly Fiio’s most valuable IEM to date. Read: Fiio F5 In-Ear Headphones Review Value.