Although exciting, moving away from home and into a new space with a new person can be nerve-wracking at first. Download this Happy Homosexual Couple With New House Key video now. Your email address will not be published. Fun fact: when I was little my mother yelled at me every day for not putting stuff on a coaster because it was "ruining her nice and expensive furniture". THIS is such a great item to have regardless of where you live, but I discovered it while living in my apartment so I'm labeling it a college apartment essential. Depending on your laundry situation, you might be lugging your hamper up flights of stairs or to another building on campus. These 11 essentials will help you build your first home away from home. It makes the room look instantly cleaner than having blankets just lying out and it actually looks cute. They let you keep all of your technology charged and in one place. In a chair, too! So if coffee is an essential, and something to make the coffee is an essential, then something to brew the coffee in is an essential, right? Take a look at this list the essentials you'll need, including sheets, all the storage bins, and, yes, shower shoes. Liners make sure your bathroom floor stays dry, and they're super cheap. Storage is often something that college apartments LACK. This pair has an indoor/outdoor sole, which is great in the case that you do want to wear them outside. Interested in purchasing items you saw in the video? You can hold post-its, paperclips, and other small school supplies in the organization compartments and the USB outlet is great if your room has limited wall outlets. Clorox wipes are great for wiping away crumbs, dust, and any other grime that accumulates in your room. If you're heading off to college for the first time this fall, congrats! So you can literally hang anything up. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock video footage that features 4K … When guys think candles, many automatically envision ones that smell of flowers and unicorns, but if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of fantastic-smelling candles that are perfect for your bachelor pad. I am a total clean-freak and am obsessed when everything has a place to go. Shop our picks for 44 great dorm room essentials below: Amazon Prime is the ultimate in convenience, especially if you don't have a car on campus or if you go to school in a more removed, rural area. Focus on the bedding. This is the first on your dorm room checklist because space is important when it comes to storing these dorm room essentials. Copyright ©2020, By Sophia Lee. since. I like these ones because they're made of simple, natural ingredients which will keep you fueled without a dreaded sugar crash later on. An area rug not only makes your area cuter (get why they call it an area rug now? No matter where you're living, moving somewhere new means buying a whole list of very standard items. Get $100 in rewards when … Scrolling through pictures on Instagram and Facebook doesn't always cut it, but printed pictures are a great way to keep the people you love around and make a great room decoration as well. Such a win, please go for it! Sign up for a daily selection of our best stories — based on your reading preferences. And it's fairly cheap for everything it offers. This post is all about graduation gifts for girls.As graduates prepare for the crazy, new chapter in their lives, they are definitely getting excited but Continue Reading, Your email address will not be published. Plus, you don't have to squint so you don't get eye wrinkles down the road ;). C’mon man, if you want your bachelor pad to impress, you can’t have all bare walls. Here are some of the best deals and our favorite products from Target's Back to College section: Household essentials: Spend $50 on essentials like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and air fresheners, and save $15 when you use the code CLEAN. And don't you want your best friend in your apartment? These little pellets make your clean clothes smell like HEAVEN! The term adult comes with a lot of responsibilities such as cleaning, cooking, shopping for your basic necessities yourself, etc. And then break them out and put them to good use at least every two weeks! These apartment essentials total up to all the little things you'll need right away.. You're distracted with the move and planning out the design of your new home, but before you get too carried away, consider making your first purchase some of these … Reusable grocery bags save plastic, and honestly they hold more and don't break and just make grocery shopping a lot easier. . So this college apartment essential is a must have! Use this list to ensure you pack all the college apartment essentials! Most college towns have a big box store (or even a Bed Bath & Beyond) nearby, so buy the trashcans, lamps and hotpots when you get there and save room in the trunk for the true essentials… Like I have them everywhere in my apartment. You can put them on a couch or on your bed. With one folder, I was always prepared for class as I had all of my papers with me. Trying to pack for a weekend trip is difficult enough without forgetting something vital and kicking yourself later. And they're the perfect apartment essential because they not only make your clothes smell great, but that in turn makes your drawers and bedroom and basically entire apartment smell great. Treat yourself and get nice ones because cheap ones fall apart easily. 11 Must-Haves for a College Grad's First Apartment You've got a degree, now get some gear. If you are a new member you can get a free trial of Prime for six months, otherwise you can just get a discounted student membership. You get it, a mirror can be a girl's best friend. Need some decor inspiration? Shop home smart . These are just as comfortable and drying as your average towel, but the added Velcro strap ensures that your towel will stay put on your trek from your room to the shower. Keep reading for 44 dorm essentials you'll actually use. Don't lie, you've had it picked out for months! On the right, guys can get in on the fashion action with this vintage canvas and leather duffle by Aidonger. Related: 10 Backpack Essentials Every College Student Must Have . You don't get much space in dorm rooms, so any multi-purpose items are great for capitalizing on what you actually do have. GUYS’ DORM ROOM ESSENTIALS BEDDING . That little plastic card gave me access to my meal plan, my dorm, laundry, and more. You don't have to inhabit a huge space to be livin' large. And if you adult, things like posters of superheroes, cars and half naked models, like the ones used to have a college, just like a cut it. No. There really isn't quite a better feeling than knowing that you never have to live in college dorms anymore. Although exciting, moving away from home and into a new space with a new person can be nerve-wracking at first. Is this their actual name? Umm, isn't life so much better without your clothes half hanging off their hangers?? My student ID was one of my most valuable possessions in college. It’s also a way to get the conversation flowing. Your dorm room is a bedroom, yes, but it's a lot of other things too: kitchen, library, hangout spot, etc. Even if our bros come over to chill you don’t want to have a boring dorm. I'm finally dating a grown-ass man! Blankets can be decor when they aren't being used. Thus, a major college apartment essential is something that can make coffee. 44 college dorm essentials you'll actually use — according to a recent graduate . Top 30 Bachelor Pad Essentials. 99. Required fields are marked *. … Decorative pillows are a fun way to show off your style and make your space feel like its yours. (I know, I'm sorry. but they make it a lot comfier and less nasty. Check off apartment essentials for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen with the college apartment checklist from Bed Bath & Beyond. 1. With this list of 12 must-have dorm room essentials for guys, you’ll be able to breeze through the aisles and get everything you need as painlessly as possible.12 Dorm Room Essentials For Guys Check out the OCM blog for the latest news, advice + dorm decor trends. Moleskin journals are great for a multitude of uses. You might like reading late into the night, but your roomie might want lights off at 10 p.m. to prepare for her early-morning lecture. These containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, so you can really use them for anything. This insulated water bottle can keep your beverages cold for 24 hours, so you can always stay hydrated with ice cold water. That's why I view bins as one of the most important college apartment essentials, because storage is needed and bins provide storage. College Apartment Checklist: Bedroom Essentials The bedroom is a good place to begin since you probably have a bunch of these items on hand already. 1-16 of over 2,000 results for "college apartment essentials" Amazon's Choice for college apartment essentials. I don't care if you have all wooden flooring, get a vacuum. $18.99 $ 18. Whether you’ll be living in a dorm, an apartment, or in the steam tunnels that run underneath campus, this list will provide you with all the college essentials, plus a few fun extras that can improve your life or help you make new friends (Pro-tip: be the person who has a tool kit). College apartment necessities. By now, you've probably started to think about packing for college. Skip to Main Content. No eating off of paper plates or directly out of take-out containers for you! This one, made from cotton jersey, has the same cozy, worn-in feel as your favorite tee shirt. It may seem obvious, but pack a comfortable sweatshirt that you can lounge in, sleep in, and wear to class. With 33 ft of lighting, there are ample ways to set up these lights in your dorm room. Making Your Not So Perfect Life Look Perfect. Yes, but hear me out! If you have any clothing that is too delicate for the dryer, one of these racks will come in handy. Extension cords, because most apartments SUCK at placing outlets and leave you scrambling to design an apartment where everything can be plugged in. Pick up a small reading light instead — it takes up barely any space, is bright enough to see comfortably in the dark, and clips onto surfaces for easy use. With alot of tech, you will need alot of outlets to charge everything. A lot of dorms have giant trash and recycling bins scattered throughout, but don't have anything in the actual rooms. Dorm Room Must Haves for Eating 32. But what that desk does not come with is proper lighting. College guy's dorm tour at Kennesaw State University (KSU). A SmartTV is a solid investment for your college apartment. Wall art makes a huge difference not to mention a statement. Cue moving into my first college apartment, where the upstairs neighbors' every footstep is amplified and bass-boosted through my ceiling. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. It happened! The Design Lab. Wall Art. This shower caddy is big enough to hold all of your shower supplies, but has a removable mini carrier so you don't need to lug everything with you when you shower, you can just take what you need. Kitchen Essentials. Dishes. By Lauren Phillips. No guy’s apartment is complete without some cool abstract canvas art on the wall. This compilation is for the anti-rose gold type who wants to be inspired to create a more subdued, functional space. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon . If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. If you have the free time to read for pleasure, a kindle is the way to go. This is super useful if there is no outlet near your bed, but also it's just as good as a regular phone charger. Plus, when you're not using it, this hamper can be folded down flat and stored easily elsewhere in your room. This one has a Paperwhite surface, so you can read outside with no glare, and a built in light, so you can read before bed even if your roommate is sleeping. So, you can throw this in your backpack and still hand in your essay sans coffee stains. All you need is a .edu email and that’s it! The convenient service takes the annoyance of shopping away so you can focus on more important things, like studying. Win win for all, so get the dang pellets! Congrats, you're headed to college! Let’s face it though, it’s tough finding artwork that isn’t too feminine or too bizarre. Most college towns have a big box store (or even a Bed Bath & Beyond) nearby, so buy the trashcans, lamps and hotpots when you get there and save room in the trunk for the true essentials… Sometimes you are going to want to get to bed early when your roommate insists on pulling an all nighter. Plus, it can get expensive! CARTMAN Orange 39-Piece Tool Set - General Household Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case. This list of 30 interesting apartment decorations for guys additions is tailored to cover a wide range of styles and tastes to give you the most inspiration possible. Subscribe to our newsletter. This one is small, but mighty.