[EP7.0] How to Catch New Pets 100% Rate (Luoyang Update). In our example, we want our For Alice [1] equipment with Rideword Card inlay to be remove. Astral Weapon Voucher Redeem item. The first NPC is in front of the house at the right lower centre of Prontera (197, 188). Free Codes Fortnitebr Fortnite creative continues to pump out fun map codes into 2020 so were here to highlight a few of them. Weapon Synthesis is very similar to upgrading and enchanting but with better overall stats and effects. So I recently got a Astral Weapon Voucher from the gacha and it gave me two weapons I could purchase as a High Wizard. All Ragnarok M: Eternal Love images and creative works belong to Gravity Interactive Inc. 1 Card Combos 1.1 Holgrehenn's Hammer & Whitesmith Combo Effect: Very high chance to destroy enemy's equipment, and small chance to destroy your own by 1%. mace[4] vs chain[3]) depends on your strength ; the higher your strength, the more you'll benefit from the additional slots on a low level weapon. I also do commissions~ 1/4. The two being a staff and a dagger. The reserved system msg of guild member online notification will be adjusted to 3 minutes. It’s a new method to upgrade your weapons by combining a base weapon with extra weapons and some materials. Hi, welcome to my channel aurora Gaming. Hello, GLOBAL. The extra weapon requirements will be used as materials and will therefore disappear forever, including their refines and enchantments. Then add the Equipment with the Card Inlay you would like to remove. ex Copyright © 2018 GamingPH.com. Read this guide to know what Weapon Synthesis is, how it works, and the list of materials needed to upgrade your weapon to the next level. report. 9. To synthesize your weapon, you’ll need three requirements: Weapon Synthesis usually requires several End-tier upgraded weapons, a 3rd job exclusive weapon, and tons of raw materials including MVP drops. Weapon Synthesis is a new feature that lets you craft your end-game weapons. The set includes two pieces, A headwear piece (1st row) and full body costume (2nd row). Build guides and class advice It is made of the precious minerals extracted from stars. The strong magic adaptability makes its power more stable. Adds a 2% chance of inflicting Stun on the attacker when receiving a physical attack. 8. then in the future I snap a staff with magic 4 so obviously this is better, Now, just check the Remove Rideword Card which cost 5,000 Zeny. The NPC for removing card inlay is just in the Prontera, in the right corner of the map. Destiny. tips: This event is limited to one character ⏰ Mission-Accept … hide. It is the mage's best choice. Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Trailer a Full Blown Samurai ... Tekken 7 – Fated Retribution, The Rage Attack Game ... HITMAN – The Season Finale Game Trailer is Live. Weapon Synthesis will be introduced to Ragnarok Mobile on Episode 5.0. 25. Are you looking forward to Weapon Synthesis when Episode 5.0 is released? Champion A - SP Champion Headgear (Upper): Ulle's Cap [1] with Incubus Card (Mid): Sunglasses [1] with Incubus Card (Lower): "Custom Item" (+5 Atk) Body: Odin's Blessing [1] with Succubus Card Weapon: Chain [3] with 3x Abysmal Knight Card Note: Some players were using +9 Double Liberation Lich Bone Wand. Starting The Quest Firstly, you may need to go to 3 different place and talk to NPC. cant wait to find out. It is made from the precious minerals extracted from the stars. Weapon Synthesis will be introduced to Ragnarok Mobile on Episode 5.0. To repair a broken Synthesized weapon, you only need a regular version of the base weapon, not the Synthesized version. – or must I synth the new one again? It is made from the precious minerals extracted from the stars. Select Restore Equipment. Thank you! Now, just check the Remove Rideword Card which cost 5,000 Zeny. Tips! Then, now proceed to Restore/Card D… at the Prontera. It can be used to open the Morroc Demon Weapon shop where players can exchange for weapon … example: lance of dragon tamer + eod = 3% atk, if the tamer got synthesized, will the effect still work? Yes: Can auction? It comes with a hefty price tag but it’s worth every zeny! Basically, this will be the new end-game gears for players in EP 5.0. Astral Weapon Voucher is an item in Ragnarok-Online Mobile: Eternal Love.