D'Angelico Deluxe Atlantic (Image credit: D'Angelico) For the first time, D’Angelico has made a significant move in debuting a collection of solidbody guitars, introduced as part of its affordable Premier Series. It also has a stairstep-shaped floating pickguard, while the Premier SS has none. The new D'Angelico company is offering a range of all-laminate Korean-made guitars, including this instrument: the EXL-1. £1,799.00 D'Angelico Limited Edition Deluxe … The attention to detail in the construction of both Premier Series guitars is impressive, and the playability is identical to previous new D’Angelico guitars I’ve reviewed. With the announcement that these three instruments also would be available in the higher-end Deluxe series, solidbodies have worked their way back up the D’Angelico food chain to offer solidbody enthusiasts the full D’Angelico experience in all its glory once again. D’Angelico built 1,164 instruments before his death in 1964, and while his hollow-body archtop jazz guitars are regarded as some of the finest ever made, the DC model that has fallen into our clutches is a slim-bodied semi-acoustic. John D’Angelico built his guitars in New York City and set a standard of artistic craftsmanship excellence. All rights reserved. The bodies are constructed of laminated maple and the necks have three-piece maple construction, 22 medium frets, rosewood fretboard, block pearloid inlays, and a shallow C-shaped profile. • Signature D’Angelico styling includes the stairstep truss rod cover and Rotomatic tuners and the fancy headstock shape. FEATURES The Deluxe Atlantic and Deluxe Bedford feature body shapes that are reminiscent of other models, while still being entirely unique. D'Angelico … Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The rise, fall and rediscovery of the Fender Jaguar, How to set up a Les Paul: 7 essential tips, 3 Eddie Van Halen guitars sell for $422,000 at auction, Fender announces head-turning Tash Sultana signature Stratocaster, A Bob Dylan-owned Stratocaster and Rory Gallagher's Gibson L6-S are headed to the auction block, Joe Bonamassa shares his greatest finds from a lifetime of buying and selling guitars, Marshall Plexi guitar amps: everything you need to know. Become a Dealer Excel - a step up, featuring USA Seymour Duncan pickups and luxurious hardware. Maple is flavor of the day: it’s used for the top and back, the centre block, and the neck.Nothing particularly groundbreaking, but I am curious to try out D’Angelico’s humbuckers.Unusually for an intermediate guitar, the Premier DC has a number of options available. Bath • The PSFBSSSP features a 15-inch single-cutaway semi-hollow body and a completely closed (no f-holes) top that eliminates feedback. Premier - the most affordable part of the range, with plenty of variety. When old guitars suddenly became “vintage” in the late Seventies, D’Angelico guitars were amongst the most expensive and most coveted objects of desire. The swamp ash body Atlantic delivers brilliant jangle and percussive twang that works equally well in both humbucking and single-coil settings, with the latter sounding deliciously Strat-like. We took a look at a single-cutaway, semi-hollow Premier SS (PSFBSSSP) and a double-cutaway, semi-hollow Premier DC (PSDCSP) to see how they compare to previous D’Angelico models we know and love. … Our test example had a swamp ash body with natural finish, but basswood body models are also available with Black, Hunter Green or Vintage White finishes. With the introduction of their new Premier Series guitars, D’Angelico now offers a wide variety of instruments that sell well below the $1,000 price barrier. The Premier DC PSDCSP has a shallower body (1.625 inches deep), greater width (16 inches), traditional f-holes, and a 24 ¾-inch scale length. It’s not too heavy either – it would take a while for it to get uncomfortable at … PERFORMANCE Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. There was a problem. As you might expect at … In 2019 D’Angelico will be releasing a brand new line of their vaunted solidbody electric guitars, including new takes on the Bedford and the Atlantic, and the introduction of a completely new double-cutaway solidbody the Deluxe Brighton. Contact. The basswood body Bedford sounds darker and heavier, and it is the more ideal choice for harder rock and metal playing styles as well as jazz. D’Angelico also offers an optional Bedford model with a maple neck and black finish. D'Angelico Premier SS Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar w/ Stairstep Tailpiece - Trans Wine 3.7 out of 5 stars 11. D’Angelico Deluxe Series guitars boast the design, construction, materials, hardware and fancy visual appointments one would expect from a guitar that truly deserves the deluxe moniker. BA1 1UA. "The neck feels pleasantly old-school with a subtly asymmetric-feeling D profile" … D’Angelico’s Excel and Deluxe Series electric guitars are known for their bold, vintage tones and signature Stairstep Tailpieces; however, it’s a pleasant surprise to see them offer similar elegant styling, playability, and attention to detail in their new, less expensive Premier … The biggest differences I noticed between the Premier Series guitars and D’Angelico’s previous Standard and Deluxe Series instruments are that the hardware is chrome-plated instead of gold-plated, the knobs on the Premier … D’Angelico models are classified in four ranges: Master Builder, Deluxe, Excel, and Premier (in descending order of cost). • Deluxe Series appointments include generous multi-layer binding, gold-plated hardware and split-block mother of pearl/abalone fingerboard inlays. • STREET PRICES: Deluxe Atlantic Swamp Ash, $1,399; Deluxe Bedford Stopbar, $1,199 Other classy touches include seven-ply binding surrounding the top and f-hole-style, five-ply pickguard. $780.89. 141 West 28th Street, 4th Floor If you’re looking for a guitar that stands out from the crowd and truly delivers when it comes to tone and playability, D’Angelico’s new Deluxe Series solidbodies are as classy as the company’s reputation. These models may look quite different than anything previously made under the D’Angelico name, but there’s a certain, distinguishable elegance about them that fits in with the brand’s celebrated history. All hardware is gold-plated, including the tune-o-matic bridge and stop-bar tailpiece. The shallow neck depth and smooth heel joint make these models some of the fastest and most comfortable guitars I’ve played in a while. Beyond that, both models have identical features. Hardware includes a Tune-o-matic bridge, black speed knobs, and an EG-2P output jack. $1,799.99. Featuring custom electronics exclusive to the D’Angelico Deluxe Series from Seymour Duncan and TV Jones, premium tonewoods, and all-new finishes, the Deluxe … D'Angelico Guitars of America • The Deluxe Bedford has an offset body, stacked single-coil Seymour Duncan neck pickup and full-size Seymour Duncan bridge humbucker with coil-splitting. The guitar’s double-cut body is constructed from laminated maple, and sports five-ply … … The Deluxe Bedford is available with a tune-o-matic/stopbar bridge or with a six-point tremolo system. The Premier DC PSDCSP is a classic double-cutaway semi-hollow guitar through and through, with tone that works for pretty much any style of music where an electric guitar is welcome.